2: Birthday Bundt cake

… “Or how a quiet birthday cake went wrong” – well that was the alternative title, but I wasn’t sure I fancied seeing that for the year.

Today marks my husbands 43rd birthday.  I asked in the week what cake he wanted. He has asked for some fairly ridiculous bakes in the past and they’ve not always been achieved.  There was a giraffe cake once – that was more spotty than giraffe like, or the time he asked for a cat litter cake, having seen Nigella present one to Graham Norton once.  That was a little to realistic to properly enjoy.  

So, I was a little surprised when he said he didn’t want a cake, but rightly assumed it had something to do with me being highly stressed at the amount of work I have to achieve this month.  So, I decided to bake him a small cake Sunday morning, so he’d wake on his birthday to the smell of cake. And coffee.

Nigella has never let me down, and with all the ingredients for a bundt cake purchased (or so I thought), Birthday Bundt Cake was on.  The recipe is from Nigella’s “How to be a domestic goddess”, so I’m not able to share the recipe, but it was followed. To the letter. Well,actually up until the point I reached for the caster sugar, and there was barely half of what I needed.  In a moment of, what can only be described as sheer mindlessness, I dumped in some custard powder to make up some of the missing caster, and added some granulated too. My train of thought was along the lines of custard goes well with lemon…

Of course, I’d forgotten about custard powder containing cornflour… and so all of the lovely light lemony, egg and yogurt liquid was instantly sucked dry the moment I moved the spatula, and I ended up adding 300ml of milk just to get it to the point that the consistency looked okay.  The oven was on, the ingredients used, so I baked it. 35 minutes of hoping it would bake, and be edible. It turned out of the tin okay. It felt light, slightly rubbery, but light. So ploughing ahead, frozen fruits and candles were added. It looks okay. Heaven only knows what it will taste like! Happy birthday love!!


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  1. BeaFreitas says:

    Happy birthday to him!!! Nice cake 🙂


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